The Man Behind the Face

Genevieve Jones

A woman’s recounts the vivid memories of her past and her relationship with her father -a victim to drug abuse, addiction, depression and homelessness. 

Presented as part of In the Soil Arts Festival 2017

Saturday 29 April @ 1pm @ Oddfellows Temple

Tickets: $10 or Festival Pass

Tickets available at the door only.

*This is a play-in-development presentation.

“My Dad’s Last name is Guilt” is based on the real-life events of Genevieve Jones’ childhood and teenage years. In it, she takes on the role of her father, one of society’s many victims of abandonment, drug abuse and homelessness. A first draft was finished in 2013 and was accepted to the Atlantic Fringe Festival; however, Genevieve opted not to produce it as she felt this personal journey was not ready to be shared.

With a fresh look and a passionate director (Sarah Murphy Dyson), this story is now ready to be put out into the world as a “work-in-progress” piece. The content tackles drug abuse, homelessness, and the tender frailties of abandonment and comments on what happens when society fails at nurturing our children, specifically young boys, when they fall victim to trauma and emotional neglect. Although social issues are explored, Jones’ writing style also brings grace and humour to this personal retelling of her past.

“Genevieve Jones—yes, Stephanie’s real-life daughter—takes on this demanding/rewarding role and, once she finds her rhythm after a couple of scenes, delivers a first-class performance that is a credit to herself, her family and her alma mater.”- James Wegg Review of She’s Mine by Stephanie Jones, 2009

Director Sarah Murphy Dyson has been nominated and won Best Performance for her one-woman show, the Naked Ballerina (Gemini 2014). She won Top 12 Performers for Parents Night by George F. Walker in 2014 (Gemini).


Genevieve Jones: playwright/performer
Sarah Murphy Dyson: director
Jules Bartley: music director/dramaturg