Ontario Arts Council

Theatre Creators’ Reserve

The OAC Theatre Creator’s Reserve Program assists Ontario-based professional theatre artists, and informal collectives of creators, by funding them to creation of new work. This is a third-party recommender program. Applications are made to and funding decisions are made by Suitcase in Point Theatre Company.

Artists interested in applying for this program are asked to familiarize themselves with the kind of work we do and the artists we engage. Preference will be given to applications that fulfill our mandate.

This is an opportunity for the creator to work on a first draft or a project in its early phases of development.  If the applicant is a collective, the grant allows for initial collaboration and exploration.

Suitcase in Point strongly encourages submissions from artists working on the creation of new, multidisciplinary work.

An Artistic Committee, made up of the Artistic Director and Artistic Associates will review submissions.

OAC Theatre Recommender

Applications for OAC Theatre Creator’s Reserve are made to and funding decisions are made by Suitcase in Point Theatre Company.

Program for: Individuals & Collectives

Purpose: To assist theatre creators to develop new work.

Eligibility: The program assists Ontario-based professional theatre creators, and informal collectives of creators, by funding them to create work.

Deadline: January 12, 2018

Program Guidelines & Application Form

We will determine grant amounts depending on the amount of applications received and give priority to applications that best relate to the programs guidelines and submission requests. Feasibility, artistic merit, and project details will help determine funds to be allocated.

Theatre Creator’s Reserve Application

To apply, please prepare and submit the following criteria to:


Project Proposal

Word(.doc) or PDF(.pdf) – 3 pages maximum

A proposal in a letter or statement of intent that includes artistic goals and objectives relating to your project, and any other information about previous workshops, readings or dramaturgy. Also include a brief statement describing how the project contributes to your development as an artist. Please indicate if you have any plans to publicly share this phase of your work.


Word(.doc) or PDF(.pdf) – 6 pages maximum

A script excerpt of proposed project OR past writing samples OR synopses OR link to video/audio.


Word(.doc) or PDF(.pdf) – 2 pages maximum (for each resume)

An up-to-date CV or resume (theatre company and/or playwriting and/or artistic collaborators).


Word(.doc) or PDF(.pdf) – 1 page maximum

A budget listing your expenses that clearly shows how you plan to allocate the funds you may receive for the duration of the time you propose to write.

OAC Form

Available for download here.

Scan signed copy and upload.